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Lesbian Party
This is what I call an old school golden juice party. These two hotties drink liters of eachothers golden nectars! When their painting job suddenly gets boring, they decide to try something new, with success! Videos of Pissing action of the highest level! Watch the result in this spectacular pissing video!
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Peeing In Her Snatch
Dr. Piss and Veronika don't just work together. In fact, when office hours are over, they participate in some really kinky action. This wild duo has a pee fetish that just can't be ignored. This time around, the Doc pissesin Veronikas pussy and she dumps a big bowl of her urine into his mouth. Yummy!
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Anna's Pee Fantasy
Anna is a petite little thing with a very lucky boyfriend. She strips and toys her pussy a bit, but that's just to get things started. Soon she has her mouth wide open and she's ready to receive a heavy dose of pee. David unleashes a wild stream that he's obviously been holding in all day. Afterwards, hse gives him a taste of her own pee as well.
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Outdoor Watersports With Valery
Valery Hilton is a sexy blonde teen with a hot body and perfect perky tits. She's also extremely kinky and loves watersports. Watch her as she gets a face full of pee. She loves the taste and she doesn't even mind the stinging on her face. This salt water sensation is rewarding and extremely sexy.
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Pissing Acrobat Girl
Here's a little acrobatic chick! She bends over on the floor and pees all over herself while the doc pisses on her as well. Meanwhile, the nurse patiently waits her turn to let loose on the doctor. Everyone pees in this video and everyone gets a taste of pee, too. What a dirty pissing threesome!
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Nurse And Patient Pee Party
Doctor Piss is a really lucky guy. Today he's in the company of both his sexy nurse and an incredibly hot patient. Together, the three of them compose an incredibly sexy watersports scene. By the end, the girls' faces are dripping in piss and cum. It's everywhere and they absolutely love it!
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Piss Drinking Couple
Alexandra and her boy toy are ready to get wet! They're both wild for each other and are eager to experiment sexually. Watch as they piss, fuck, and piss some more. They like to spice up their fucking with some watersports. This pissing video will leave you completely satisfied and totally drenched in the yellow stuff.
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Crazy Sarah
Sarah is absolutely crazy! She may have come to the office with a drug problem, we don't know. She's just so excited to be swallowing pee and trying to catch it with her hands. She loves tasting cock, piss, and cum. She'll drink everyone's piss including her own. Sarah may be the most enthusiastic watersports lover ever.
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Tera Joy Visits Dr Piss
Tera Joy knows what she has to do as soon as she steps into the doctor's office. She takes off all her clothes and gets pissed on by both the doc and the nurse. She's obviously done this before and certainly enjoys this sort of therapy. Afterwards, both girls perform sex acts on the doctor but they never stop peeing!
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A Full Bladder
This pissing movie features a doctor, his lovely assistant, and a girl that needs some watersports treatment. The doc spills Anna over and has her shoot out a steady streamof pee. He laps at it as she lets go of her very full bladder. Meanwhile, Veronika performs her assistant duty by facilitating the entire act.
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Renata's Pissing Movie
Renata drops by the doctor's office and gets a bit more than she bargained for. For some reason, the remedy for her ailment is a mouth full of pee. The doctor inspects her, pisses all over her, and lets her do the same to him. At the end she's left feeling good with a mouthful of cum and pee all at once.
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Power Pissing
When this blonde takes a piss, it really flies! She lays back on the examination chair and really lets loose with her pee. The nurse catches as much as she can from the patient before doing the same for the doctor. This scene is filled with wild piss streams, speculums, and a whole lot more.
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Watersports Threesome
Jolly is a tattooed hottie with some problems. She goes to the doctor to get them sorted out and ends up getting a lot more than she bargains for. Dr. Piss and Nurse Pepper are on call. They start out by draining their bladders on the patient and then they take it to a whole new level. This watersports movie will make you feel bad for the janitor!
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Jet Stream Of Pee
Katerina has what she thinks is a major medical issue. She goes to the doctor and tells him about how she's always desperate to pee. He strips off her clothes, spreads her pussy, and tells her to let go of her bladder. She pisses a jet stream straight into his mouth. The doctor and nurse are both highly intrigued and impressed!
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Lara's Pissing Sex Debut
Lara is a chunky girl with big tits. In a decidedly unorthodox approach, she sits down on the floor of the office with Dr. Piss. Meanwhile, the nurse spreads her legs on the patient's table and pees all over them. Down below, they frolick like children in a fountain. They even spray the pee from one mouth to another!
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Triple Body Pissing
Dr. Piss and Nurse Pepper hold up Debbie while she pees all over the place. Once she's emptied her bladder, they sit her down and both take a leak on her simultaneously. The nurse can piss like a fountain in this one... it's as if she has an unlimited supply and she gives everyone in the office a little taste.
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Marketa Loves Pee Tasting
Meet Marketa. She's absolutely beautiful and 100% dirty. After she does a little strip tease, she takes Libor into the kiddie pool. There, he lies down and she pisses all over his face and in his mouth. She seems sweet but she's definitely the dominant type! Don't worry... she gets a taste of his salty urine as well!
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Facial Piss Action
Miroslav is a bit of a submissive type. He lets his girlfriend pee all over him including on his beard. He even eats her out with his face all wet and her pussy drenched in piss. Once she's all riled up, it's her turn to have a taste. His fountain drink is a bit weaker but there's still plenty to guzzle down with some left to go down her tits.
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Mature Watersports With Romana
Watersports are best performed outside so there's no mess, don't you think? Romana is an older woman that's ready to experiment with the wetter side of sex. She takes her husband David on a picnic and gives him a surprise. First, she spreads her legs and pees right in front of him. Then, she lets him pee in her mouth while she holds his flaccid cock!
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Piss Foreplay
Veronika's idea of foreplay includes a lot of watersports. Instead of getting her pussy all wet with regular juices, she likes peeing and being pissed on. This pissing video features her and Tomas both getting a taste of their natural fluids. They don't flinch at all! It's obvious that these two love the taste of urine.
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Piss Drink Pavlina
Pavlina is a naughty little blonde. This European babe has model looks a whorish attitude. Nothing is beneath her in the realm of sex, especially when it comes to watersports. Pavlina has absolutely no limits and that's a fact. She drinks piss like the good little prostitute she is and then asks for seconds.
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Plastic Pool Piss Party
When a video starts out in a plastic pool, you know it's going to be messy! Blanka is a dirty slut. She's completely naked and getting bathed in piss by a man with a full bladder and not much else going for him. He pisses on her tits, ass, and even in her mouth. She even reciprocates and hits him on the chin for quite a while.
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Couple Pee Passions
This young couple have a more sophisticated relationship than most. They aren't shy about sharing their deepest wants and desires with each other. Recently, they discovered that they both love piss and watersports. Veronika loves swallowing piss and being treated like a whore but her boyfriend also likes drinking it on occasion.

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