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Hardcore Watersports
This is not a typical ending to a hardcore sex scene! Carmen Collins is a sexy babe that loves to show off. She takes charge and fucks the shit out of her man on top with her stockings still on. Once the guy is ready to burst, he surprises the hottie with an extra. Not only does she get a faceful of cum... she gets splashed with piss as well!
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Outdoor Face Pissing
This couple goes camping and after a few drinks, they get absolutely crazy. The girl goes to take a piss behind the car but the guy catches her. He asks her to pee on him and into his mouth, and although she's hesitant at first she ends up getting turned on. Later on it's her turn to drink from the flesh fountain!
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Kinky Romana Pissing
Romana is a really kinky slut with a hot body. She's out for a walk in the woods with a male friend and things heat up at a very surprising moment. As soon as she squats to take a pee, her man gets a major hardon. While she pees, he whips his cock out and pees right on her pussy. The two streams join together in harmony.
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Pee Trio At Doctors
Dr. Piss is confronted with two very sexy nurses today. Besides getting to fuck them, they all participate in a threeway piss fest. The doctor pees in their pussies, they piss in a bowl, and everyone swallows some pee at one point or another. Overall, no one is left thirsty at the end of this video.
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Pee Squatting Outdoor
Here's a kinky outdoor scene featuring a shaggy guy and girl. The guy starts out by taking a leak right on his girl's hairy muff. Afterwards, she licks his cock and balls clean and then squats right over him. Before giving him a nice long ride, she pisses all over his dick for some added lubrication.
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Pissing Sex In Nature
Check out this threesome with Zuzana, Michaela, and their boy toy. They drive to a rural area and park the car. There, they double team the guy with some hot blowjob action. He has to share his piss between the two of them so it's quite a challenge. On the other hand, they have double the pee to feed to him and he loves the surplus!
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Lesbian Pissing
Sarka is an exotic girl that's interested in some piss therapy. She gets nude, as does the assistant Veronika. Meanwhile, the doctor directs his assistant to unleash her full bladder into Sarka's mouth. Sure, Sarka doesn't particularly like the taste but she goes along for the ride regardless.
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Pee Drinking From Pussy
Gwen is a super sexy blonde and a downright delightful patient. Her and nurse Pepper team up on the doctor in this watersports video. They both bow down to his pee streaming cock and when he's ready for a taste, they both hit him at once. This sexy pee loving team is one that you won't soon forget.
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Adorable Natalii Shares Her Pee
Natalii is so adorable, you would never think she's a watersports loving whore! Alas, this teen just isn't so sweet. She swallows Dr. Piss's stream while the nurse pees right down her perky chest. Then it's the doctor's turn to drink from the two yellow fountains before him. He just loves salty drinks!
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Nurse Piss Threesome
This nurse has been on her feet all day and hasn't even had a chance to take a piss. Now that she's on the doctor's chair, she doesn't have to desperately hold it in anymore. The doctor and a hot blonde patient lean below and take in all the liquid that she unleashes. The doc then pees on the two hotties and fucks the shit out of them.
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Squat Pee
This babe knows how to work it. Kitty spreads her legs and gets her pussy washed with piss. The nurse hops right on top of her and the doctor keeps on pissing on both of them. It's not long before the funnel comes out and soon the pee pee is being streamed right from the source into their mouthes. Ready for an after dinner drink?
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Mmf Piss Fun
The patient in Doctor Piss's office today is a man, so the nurse really has a lot of work cut out for her. She has to manage two cocks and both men have very full bladders. They unleash their pee two at a time all over her face. She takes a leak as well in this scene, right as she starts getting fucked.
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Field Watersports
It's a fun day in this field! Sarah has to pee so bad, she feels like she's been holding it in forever. She gets her boyfriend naked and pisses all over his hairy body. She gets quite a taste of it as well from him! Sarah sticks out her tongue and feels the warm stream hit her face. It's a beautiful day for watersports.
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Kinky Watersports Patient
This kinky patient loves watersports. When she comes into the office, she has no idea what she's in for. Armed with full bladders, Dr. Piss and his nurse are ready for action. Lenka drinks the nurses pee right from the source. Soon they're playing with speculums and peeing in more than just each other's mouths.
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In Her Pussy
Carmen Collins is a lovely patient of Doctor Piss. She's sexy, attentive, and very obedient. Through the course of her appointment, she drinks the pee of both the doctor and the nurse. She also gets a funnel of piss right up her pussy. That must sting! Afterwards, she and the nurse give the doctor one last chance to piss in their mouths together.
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Nikoletta's Golden Shower
Nikoletta comes the doc with a really kinky problem: she loves piss! Instead of curing her of what she seems to think is a disease, the doctor and nurse decide to feed her addiction. It's not long before everyone is naked and the piss is coming down in streams. Even during the sex scenes, the girls and the doctor never stop peeing.
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Foreplay Pee Games
This couple uses piss in every way possible in their foreplay. The guy pisses in Zuzana's mouth, she pisses on the ground and on his cock, and then they use it as lube for sex. They don't waste a drop of this golden pee pee. By the end, they're wet and smelly but atleast they're sexually fulfilled.
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Pissing Ffm Threesome
This group is pee happy! Dr. Piss is in a fantastic mood, as is his nurse and his patient. Between the three of them, they're all smiles. Watch as tehy giggle and laugh while they pee. Michaela definitely gets the most piss in this scene, as she should since she's the patient. She needs a good stiff yellow drink!
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Double Golden Shower
Dr. Piss gives Anita Blue a thorough inspection before hitting her with his all purpose remedy. He uses a speculum and a flashlight to show all her inner pink bits. Afterwards, he and nurse Pepper take turns spraying Anita's face with a steady stream of piss. The doc and nurse also get hit with some smelly pee as well.
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Tittie Peeing
This dirty nurse could win a pissing competition. She holds it in for so long that it erupts when she finally lets loose. Watch her as she pees in a bowl that's many feet away. Afterwards, Doctor Piss and one of his patients join in on the fun. The girl pisses in the bowl as well and then they all start guzzling it down.
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Pissing Pro
Mischel Channson is a pissing pro. She loves watersports and brings a new level of kink to this amazing scene. As an obedient patient, she gets peed on no questions asked. After that, the nurse bends over like a dog and pees in the doctor's mouth. It's not long before everyone has pissed on everyone else.
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Outdoor Pee Couple
The lesson of the day is how to hold a man's cock while he takes a piss. She does a pretty good job and gets rewarded with a pussy full of piss and cock afterwards. She's a ferocious little slut that loves to gooble pee like there's no tomorrow. Do we even have to say it? Of course this girl swallows!
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Shaven Pussy Pee
This teen is a totally sexy creature. She's a redhead that's obsessed with piss in a highly sexual way. Her pussy is nicely shaved and gets covered with pee. Between her and Nurse Pepper, you'll see a lot of piss loving and drinking! Dr. Piss knows just how to please these women that are eager to lap up the piss.
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Human Toilets
We must admit that everyone has at least one strange peculiar fantasy. But these babes are overtaking us all! Full of desire, one of these girls pissing all over her as if she's a human toilet!

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