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Double Mouth Pissing
Veronika assists the doctor and his patient in some alternative medicine. She drinks pee from two streams at a time in this outrageous video. If you want real hardcore watersports, this is the place to find it. The patient ends up naked on his back drinking a warm stream of Veronika's piss.
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Skinny Blonde Pee
This blonde girl feels that she really needs to pee and chooses a road` s side to free her self. She sits there with her legs opened, spreading her pussy too being happy to feel the strong stream of urine coming out. See her pussy urinating in nature when she is exposed to the people` s looks!
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Sneaky Brunette
In her way to her job, this woman feels that she needs to pee. Even before coming out from the subway to find a place to urinate, she rises her short skirt and spreads the labia of her pussy although she can be seen by people! Outside, she finds a place where she sits and releases the urine right there on the street!
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Hidden Pee
Dressed in sexy white lingerie, this lady loves to pee in public. Watch her sitting on a wall and caressing her pussy with her legs open, and then how she sits close to some cars and takes her pussy out of the thong to spread her stream of pee. Then she sits on a car and cleans her vagina with a napkin.
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Skinny Pisser
This girl has no problem in urinating in public. More, she loves it! That what she is doing now when she feels she can` t hold it anymore. She goes in a bush where everyone could see her and she spreads her pussy` s labia to see the strong stream of urine coming out from her pussy!
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On The Stairs
This naughty dame goes to a walk in this hot summer day. At once she feels that she wants to pee and nothing can stop her from urinate in public. So, there she is, just sitting on some steps, with her legs wide open, letting the urine stream to come out from her hairy pussy, wetting the hot asphalt, without giving a damn about the people that can see her!
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Power Pee
A place with workers is the place where this gal wants to urinate! She is not wearing any thong, so she sits on the steps nearby the workers place, with her dress up and spreading her legs she wets the steps with a huge stream of urine! The pussy` s stream is so rich that is covers more steps!
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Bench Peeing
A walk in the park makes this girl wanting to pee. Nothing easier for her who loves to urinate in public. The girl sits on a bank, takes away her pants and while she looks to see if anyone can see her, she lets the urine to come out from her pink cunt! Then she goes like nothing had happened.
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Summer Park Pee
One cute blonde feels the need of peeing in a place where people pass by. Although she wears a hat and sun glasses, she has no thong, so it is easy for her to sit and spread her pussy to pee. The girl sits there and feels the urine coming out of her twat while anyone could pass by and see her!
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About To Explode
After driving for few hours, this lady feels like is going to explode if she doesn` t pee. So, she stops the car and goes in the open field where she just sits and prepares her pussy to get out the urine! She watches the stream of urine coming out of her twat while she spreads it as much as possible.
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Gorgeous Redhead
What a place this woman chooses to urinate: a street sign! She just sits close to the sign, and while the cars are passing by, she opens the legs like she is on a toilet and urinates! You can see her pussy peeing through her stocking as she wears no thong and so the urine floods her legs.
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The Piss Party
This couple is kinky enough to move their sexual experience a little bit further. So, the guy decides to be generous and to offer a hot golden shower to his little girlfriend. Even if in the start she's curious and opens her mouth largely she ends spitting the pee because.. well, she didn't liked the taste.
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Kitchen Peeing: Facial Shower
Cute brunette takes these hard scenes like a true professional. She pisses on the kitchen floor and she sucks a guy's dick until he cannot stop himself from giving her a nice and well deserved golden shower. At the end, our babe gets so thirsty that she starts drinking her own urine.
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Outdoor Urine
This nice brunette lady can not wait to come home to urinate. So, she finds a place where she can release her water without caring that she can be caught by people who were around. She rises her skirt and just lets the warm urine to flood her vagina, right there in public!
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Peeing: Pussy Close-up
If you like seeing beautiful babes masturbating than you should see how this girlie is spreading her full pussy lips apart, then moving her fingers in small circles just inside her cunt. Getting extremely horny she takes this guy's cock in her mouth giving him the perfect blowjob!
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Lesbian Peeing: Tasty Juices
Two lesbian girls, two wet shaved pussies, two piss fountains... and one great porn movie! If you want to feel the true pleasure and love for this teasing water sport, you must see these babes peeing on each other and gargling the yellow warm juice! No shame here!
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Elegant Pee Lady
An elegant lady feels the unstoppable need of peeing, so, she just sits in a public place, with her naked pussy ready to urinate. She watches her prominent vagina being ready to get out the stream of urine and she is happy when her shaved pussy releases the warm water.
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Outdoor Pee: Desert Rain
In the burning sun of the desert this stunning long haired brunette is desperate for something to drink! Naughty as she is, our babe tought this is the best chance for her to try a load of fresh pee! Catched in this wicked water sport we see how she spreads her beautiful pierced pussy lips to let out a spray of briliant droplets of warm piss glittering in the sun! This is something you don't wanna miss!
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Bushes Pee
Since she is far away from home and can not help her self, this woman goes to some bushes to pee. She sits there, where people can see her naked pussy and spread her legs to let the urine come. Watch the hot stream of urine coming out from the woman` s pussy while a man is right in her back!
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Road Pissing
On the road` s side, with a lot of cars are passing by, a dame who can not help her self from peeing sits next to a tree and prepare her pussy to release the urine. Watch how happy she is to spread her pussy` s labia, feeling the urine coming and finally feeling it wetting her pussy!
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Pee Collecting
piss drinking: Brunette collecting pee This brunette slutty chick really knows what to do. She grabs this guy's fat dick and makes it spray a nasty flush of warm salty pee. After collecting all the piss in a bowl she drinks it afterwards! The rest is poured over her tender body!

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