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Kinky Petra
Petra is a very sexy blonde with a womanly problem. Dr. Piss and Veronika strip her down and get a speculum up her twat. The doctor is quick to unzip and pee right into her vag. He saves some of his pee stream and aims for both Petra and Veronika's mouths as well. Don't worry... the doctor gets a mouthful as well!
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Nurse Pepper And Friend
Nurse Pepper is quite a sweet assistant. In this scene, she's the one in the patient chair. Dr. Piss and Angelina Sweet share a passionate kiss in between her legs. Pepper unleashes her bladder in its entirety while the couple below her continue to kiss. Soon, sides are swapped and it's the two females that are kissing under a steady stream of the yellow stuff.
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Lucie's Peeing Problem
Lucie has a problem! She's always peeing herself and just doesn't know what to do. When she steps into Dr. Piss's office, he's excited. In fact, he encourages her to piss all over her face. Meanwhile, the nurse towers over Lucie and pees all over her! This quickly goes from an incontinence problem to a watersports adventure.
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Piss Treatment
Nurse Pepper has to manage two men in this watersports video - the Doctor and his patient. The patient was supposed to get the treatment but the nurse just ends up getting a double dose. She gets fucked by both men and gives some very sexy pissy blowjobs. Is that cum or pee pee on her pretty little chin?
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Chubby Pee Drinking
Katerina is a bigger girl with a huge personality. She doesn't say no to anything! She gets on her knees for a taste of his piss but she's spunky so she spits it back out right on him! He keeps going with his stream and eventually she swallows quite a bit. Then she gets on top of him and gives him a taste of his own medicine!
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Desperate Peeing
Lenka is an absolutely beautiful and obedient blonde. She likes to be submissive during sex and does exactly what she's told. Both she and her boyfriend have been holding in their piss all day waiting for this moment. They give each other oral sex with a twist. Watch as they piss lovingly into each other's mouths.
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Milf Piss
Andrea is a happy MILF that's ready for an outdoor adventure. She brings a boy toy along and together they have a blast. She pisses standing up but once the guy sees it, he hops right under her. You don't want that pee going to waste, now do you? Eventually she gets pissed on too and makes the man cum with her hot pussy.
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Outdoor Watersports With Variety
Valery Hilton is a sexy blonde teen with a hot body and perfect perky tits. She's also extremely kinky and loves watersports. Watch her as she gets a face full of pee. She loves the taste and she doesn't even mind the stinging on her face. This salt water sensation is rewarding and extremely sexy.
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Bucket Of Pee
The doctor and nurse go on either side of Mia and spread her legs. She's shy at first but once she gets into it, she turns into a machine. She tries to pee into the bucket in front of her but the stream is just too strong. After she's done, Dr. Piss takes a leak on her and then it's time for some fucking.

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