Anna's Pee Fantasy
Anna is a petite little thing with a very lucky boyfriend. She strips and toys her pussy a bit, but that's just to get things started. Soon she has her mouth wide open and she's ready to receive a heavy dose of pee. David unleashes a wild stream that he's obviously been holding in all day. Afterwards, hse gives him a taste of her own pee as well.

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Katerina is a bigger girl with a huge personality. She doesn't say no to anything! She gets on her knees for a taste of his piss but she's spunky so she spits it back out right on him! He keeps going with his stream and eventually she swallows quite a bit. Then she gets on top of him and gives him a taste of his own medicine!
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Dr. Piss gives Anita Blue a thorough inspection before hitting her with his all purpose remedy. He uses a speculum and a flashlight to show all her inner pink bits. Afterwards, he and nurse Pepper take turns spraying Anita's face with a steady stream of piss. The doc and nurse also get hit with some smelly pee as well.
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Katerina comes to the doctor's office with a serious problem. Regardless of what it is, the doctor knows how to fix it. Armed with a speculum and two full bladders (his assistant has been holding it in as well), he goes to work. Soon Katerina has a belly full of pee pee and she's feeling a lot better.
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Tera Joy Visits Dr Piss
Tera Joy knows what she has to do as soon as she steps into the doctor's office. She takes off all her clothes and gets pissed on by both the doc and the nurse. She's obviously done this before and certainly enjoys this sort of therapy. Afterwards, both girls perform sex acts on the doctor but they never stop peeing!
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This naughty dame goes to a walk in this hot summer day. At once she feels that she wants to pee and nothing can stop her from urinate in public. So, there she is, just sitting on some steps, with her legs wide open, letting the urine stream to come out from her hairy pussy, wetting the hot asphalt, without giving a damn about the people that can see her!
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This nurse has been on her feet all day and hasn't even had a chance to take a piss. Now that she's on the doctor's chair, she doesn't have to desperately hold it in anymore. The doctor and a hot blonde patient lean below and take in all the liquid that she unleashes. The doc then pees on the two hotties and fucks the shit out of them.