Mature Watersports With Romana
Watersports are best performed outside so there's no mess, don't you think? Romana is an older woman that's ready to experiment with the wetter side of sex. She takes her husband David on a picnic and gives him a surprise. First, she spreads her legs and pees right in front of him. Then, she lets him pee in her mouth while she holds his flaccid cock!

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Romana is a really kinky slut with a hot body. She's out for a walk in the woods with a male friend and things heat up at a very surprising moment. As soon as she squats to take a pee, her man gets a major hardon. While she pees, he whips his cock out and pees right on her pussy. The two streams join together in harmony.
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Anna is a petite little thing with a very lucky boyfriend. She strips and toys her pussy a bit, but that's just to get things started. Soon she has her mouth wide open and she's ready to receive a heavy dose of pee. David unleashes a wild stream that he's obviously been holding in all day. Afterwards, hse gives him a taste of her own pee as well.
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Meet this lovely horny pee chick! She undresses and lets our camera shoot her tight young pussy while she pees in a huge glass. For being such a nice girl, this guy decides to give her a fine golden streamline. At the end, our babe pisses again in the man's mouth and drinks the pee-glass they both filled!
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This babe knows how to work it. Kitty spreads her legs and gets her pussy washed with piss. The nurse hops right on top of her and the doctor keeps on pissing on both of them. It's not long before the funnel comes out and soon the pee pee is being streamed right from the source into their mouthes. Ready for an after dinner drink?
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This dirty nurse could win a pissing competition. She holds it in for so long that it erupts when she finally lets loose. Watch her as she pees in a bowl that's many feet away. Afterwards, Doctor Piss and one of his patients join in on the fun. The girl pisses in the bowl as well and then they all start guzzling it down.
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Here's a little acrobatic chick! She bends over on the floor and pees all over herself while the doc pisses on her as well. Meanwhile, the nurse patiently waits her turn to let loose on the doctor. Everyone pees in this video and everyone gets a taste of pee, too. What a dirty pissing threesome!
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Natalii is so adorable, you would never think she's a watersports loving whore! Alas, this teen just isn't so sweet. She swallows Dr. Piss's stream while the nurse pees right down her perky chest. Then it's the doctor's turn to drink from the two yellow fountains before him. He just loves salty drinks!
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In her way to her job, this woman feels that she needs to pee. Even before coming out from the subway to find a place to urinate, she rises her short skirt and spreads the labia of her pussy although she can be seen by people! Outside, she finds a place where she sits and releases the urine right there on the street!
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Probably this is every man's dream... You open the door and find right there on the stairs two beautiful girls! And, believe us, these two brunettes are a treasure! They like to pee in front of strangers and, more than this, to taste pee from everyone, too! This movie sure is a winner and, oh, if you like wet T-Shirts, come inside! We have a surprise for you ;)
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In the burning sun of the desert this stunning long haired brunette is desperate for something to drink! Naughty as she is, our babe tought this is the best chance for her to try a load of fresh pee! Catched in this wicked water sport we see how she spreads her beautiful pierced pussy lips to let out a spray of briliant droplets of warm piss glittering in the sun! This is something you don't wanna miss!
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For those of you that like picking on a girl that pees in her own bathroom, enjoy this movie! Our little slut has no inhibitions! She gets naked in front of the camera, she plays with her wonderfully shaved tight pussy, takes a leak and then even tastes it!