Couple Pee Passions
This young couple have a more sophisticated relationship than most. They aren't shy about sharing their deepest wants and desires with each other. Recently, they discovered that they both love piss and watersports. Veronika loves swallowing piss and being treated like a whore but her boyfriend also likes drinking it on occasion.

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Double Mouth Pissing
Veronika assists the doctor and his patient in some alternative medicine. She drinks pee from two streams at a time in this outrageous video. If you want real hardcore watersports, this is the place to find it. The patient ends up naked on his back drinking a warm stream of Veronika's piss.
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Kinky Petra
Petra is a very sexy blonde with a womanly problem. Dr. Piss and Veronika strip her down and get a speculum up her twat. The doctor is quick to unzip and pee right into her vag. He saves some of his pee stream and aims for both Petra and Veronika's mouths as well. Don't worry... the doctor gets a mouthful as well!
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Piss Foreplay
Veronika's idea of foreplay includes a lot of watersports. Instead of getting her pussy all wet with regular juices, she likes peeing and being pissed on. This pissing video features her and Tomas both getting a taste of their natural fluids. They don't flinch at all! It's obvious that these two love the taste of urine.
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Piss Drinking Couple
Alexandra and her boy toy are ready to get wet! They're both wild for each other and are eager to experiment sexually. Watch as they piss, fuck, and piss some more. They like to spice up their fucking with some watersports. This pissing video will leave you completely satisfied and totally drenched in the yellow stuff.
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Pee Drinking: Piss Wash
Well, we wanted to see a lovely girl getting her long, luscious hair washed in piss. And, this brunette shy babe was the perfect match. After making this guy horny as hell by sucking up his hard cock, she receives a golden shower she will always remember! Bonus: drinking pee from a glass seems to taste even more delicious!
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Pee Drinking From Pussy
Gwen is a super sexy blonde and a downright delightful patient. Her and nurse Pepper team up on the doctor in this watersports video. They both bow down to his pee streaming cock and when he's ready for a taste, they both hit him at once. This sexy pee loving team is one that you won't soon forget.
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Desperate Peeing
Lenka is an absolutely beautiful and obedient blonde. She likes to be submissive during sex and does exactly what she's told. Both she and her boyfriend have been holding in their piss all day waiting for this moment. They give each other oral sex with a twist. Watch as they piss lovingly into each other's mouths.
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Crazy Sarah
Sarah is absolutely crazy! She may have come to the office with a drug problem, we don't know. She's just so excited to be swallowing pee and trying to catch it with her hands. She loves tasting cock, piss, and cum. She'll drink everyone's piss including her own. Sarah may be the most enthusiastic watersports lover ever.
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Kinky Watersports Patient
This kinky patient loves watersports. When she comes into the office, she has no idea what she's in for. Armed with full bladders, Dr. Piss and his nurse are ready for action. Lenka drinks the nurses pee right from the source. Soon they're playing with speculums and peeing in more than just each other's mouths.
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Pee Drinking: Lesbian Love
This shy lesbian couple finally gets a chance to make their fantasy come true. Intense kissing with eachother while a guy takes a long pee into their mouths. They loved it, and they will do it again, over and over and over...
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Pissing Movie: Pee Drinking
Meet this lovely horny pee chick! She undresses and lets our camera shoot her tight young pussy while she pees in a huge glass. For being such a nice girl, this guy decides to give her a fine golden streamline. At the end, our babe pisses again in the man's mouth and drinks the pee-glass they both filled!
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Outdoor Watersports With Valery
Valery Hilton is a sexy blonde teen with a hot body and perfect perky tits. She's also extremely kinky and loves watersports. Watch her as she gets a face full of pee. She loves the taste and she doesn't even mind the stinging on her face. This salt water sensation is rewarding and extremely sexy.