Outdoor Face Pissing
This couple goes camping and after a few drinks, they get absolutely crazy. The girl goes to take a piss behind the car but the guy catches her. He asks her to pee on him and into his mouth, and although she's hesitant at first she ends up getting turned on. Later on it's her turn to drink from the flesh fountain!

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Facial Piss Action
Miroslav is a bit of a submissive type. He lets his girlfriend pee all over him including on his beard. He even eats her out with his face all wet and her pussy drenched in piss. Once she's all riled up, it's her turn to have a taste. His fountain drink is a bit weaker but there's still plenty to guzzle down with some left to go down her tits.
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Pee Drinking: Camping Trip
In this movie we present you a truly fine babe. She's going camping, but as the road is so long, our sweet brunette is needy as hell. So she gets down and takes a leak with no shame! No sane man could resist such a view, so this girl gets as a bonus to suck a hard cock! Way to go!
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Pee Squatting Outdoor
Here's a kinky outdoor scene featuring a shaggy guy and girl. The guy starts out by taking a leak right on his girl's hairy muff. Afterwards, she licks his cock and balls clean and then squats right over him. Before giving him a nice long ride, she pisses all over his dick for some added lubrication.
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If you are here searching for some extreme pissing scenes, you are in the right place! This slutty girl was waiting to take a pee but she ends up in the men's room! Well, it's not like she regrets it. After sucking this guy's cock like a real bitch should, she gets her face pressed down on the WC lid to receive a nasty jet of fresh man piss!
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Lara is a chunky girl with big tits. In a decidedly unorthodox approach, she sits down on the floor of the office with Dr. Piss. Meanwhile, the nurse spreads her legs on the patient's table and pees all over them. Down below, they frolick like children in a fountain. They even spray the pee from one mouth to another!
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Yup, she is back again the next day and gets challenged to drink a full glass of her own golden nectar! The first few drinks are no problem at all for this experienced lady, but it gets harder and harder each minute. See if she can drink a huge glass full of pee!
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Veronika assists the doctor and his patient in some alternative medicine. She drinks pee from two streams at a time in this outrageous video. If you want real hardcore watersports, this is the place to find it. The patient ends up naked on his back drinking a warm stream of Veronika's piss.
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Meet this lovely horny pee chick! She undresses and lets our camera shoot her tight young pussy while she pees in a huge glass. For being such a nice girl, this guy decides to give her a fine golden streamline. At the end, our babe pisses again in the man's mouth and drinks the pee-glass they both filled!
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This group is pee happy! Dr. Piss is in a fantastic mood, as is his nurse and his patient. Between the three of them, they're all smiles. Watch as tehy giggle and laugh while they pee. Michaela definitely gets the most piss in this scene, as she should since she's the patient. She needs a good stiff yellow drink!
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Pavlina is a naughty little blonde. This European babe has model looks a whorish attitude. Nothing is beneath her in the realm of sex, especially when it comes to watersports. Pavlina has absolutely no limits and that's a fact. She drinks piss like the good little prostitute she is and then asks for seconds.
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Foreplay Pee Games
This couple uses piss in every way possible in their foreplay. The guy pisses in Zuzana's mouth, she pisses on the ground and on his cock, and then they use it as lube for sex. They don't waste a drop of this golden pee pee. By the end, they're wet and smelly but atleast they're sexually fulfilled.