Pee Squatting Outdoor
Here's a kinky outdoor scene featuring a shaggy guy and girl. The guy starts out by taking a leak right on his girl's hairy muff. Afterwards, she licks his cock and balls clean and then squats right over him. Before giving him a nice long ride, she pisses all over his dick for some added lubrication.

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This couple uses piss in every way possible in their foreplay. The guy pisses in Zuzana's mouth, she pisses on the ground and on his cock, and then they use it as lube for sex. They don't waste a drop of this golden pee pee. By the end, they're wet and smelly but atleast they're sexually fulfilled.
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Kinky Romana Pissing
Romana is a really kinky slut with a hot body. She's out for a walk in the woods with a male friend and things heat up at a very surprising moment. As soon as she squats to take a pee, her man gets a major hardon. While she pees, he whips his cock out and pees right on her pussy. The two streams join together in harmony.
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The patient in Doctor Piss's office today is a man, so the nurse really has a lot of work cut out for her. She has to manage two cocks and both men have very full bladders. They unleash their pee two at a time all over her face. She takes a leak as well in this scene, right as she starts getting fucked.
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piss drinking: Brunette collecting pee This brunette slutty chick really knows what to do. She grabs this guy's fat dick and makes it spray a nasty flush of warm salty pee. After collecting all the piss in a bowl she drinks it afterwards! The rest is poured over her tender body!
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The lesson of the day is how to hold a man's cock while he takes a piss. She does a pretty good job and gets rewarded with a pussy full of piss and cock afterwards. She's a ferocious little slut that loves to gooble pee like there's no tomorrow. Do we even have to say it? Of course this girl swallows!
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It's a fun day in this field! Sarah has to pee so bad, she feels like she's been holding it in forever. She gets her boyfriend naked and pisses all over his hairy body. She gets quite a taste of it as well from him! Sarah sticks out her tongue and feels the warm stream hit her face. It's a beautiful day for watersports.
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Cute brunette takes these hard scenes like a true professional. She pisses on the kitchen floor and she sucks a guy's dick until he cannot stop himself from giving her a nice and well deserved golden shower. At the end, our babe gets so thirsty that she starts drinking her own urine.
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Anna is a petite little thing with a very lucky boyfriend. She strips and toys her pussy a bit, but that's just to get things started. Soon she has her mouth wide open and she's ready to receive a heavy dose of pee. David unleashes a wild stream that he's obviously been holding in all day. Afterwards, hse gives him a taste of her own pee as well.
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This dirty nurse could win a pissing competition. She holds it in for so long that it erupts when she finally lets loose. Watch her as she pees in a bowl that's many feet away. Afterwards, Doctor Piss and one of his patients join in on the fun. The girl pisses in the bowl as well and then they all start guzzling it down.
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Andrea is a happy MILF that's ready for an outdoor adventure. She brings a boy toy along and together they have a blast. She pisses standing up but once the guy sees it, he hops right under her. You don't want that pee going to waste, now do you? Eventually she gets pissed on too and makes the man cum with her hot pussy.
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So what do we have in this episode? Two shy and cute lesbians enjoying a nice little pee - orgy. See these totally nasty girls peeing from all kind of horny positions (have you seen the scene with the girl staying up-side-down? This movie is one of the wettest movies around!Pee orgy at the highest level!