Foreplay Pee Games
This couple uses piss in every way possible in their foreplay. The guy pisses in Zuzana's mouth, she pisses on the ground and on his cock, and then they use it as lube for sex. They don't waste a drop of this golden pee pee. By the end, they're wet and smelly but atleast they're sexually fulfilled.

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Dr. Piss gives Anita Blue a thorough inspection before hitting her with his all purpose remedy. He uses a speculum and a flashlight to show all her inner pink bits. Afterwards, he and nurse Pepper take turns spraying Anita's face with a steady stream of piss. The doc and nurse also get hit with some smelly pee as well.
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Pissing Sex In Nature
Check out this threesome with Zuzana, Michaela, and their boy toy. They drive to a rural area and park the car. There, they double team the guy with some hot blowjob action. He has to share his piss between the two of them so it's quite a challenge. On the other hand, they have double the pee to feed to him and he loves the surplus!
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Alexandra and her boy toy are ready to get wet! They're both wild for each other and are eager to experiment sexually. Watch as they piss, fuck, and piss some more. They like to spice up their fucking with some watersports. This pissing video will leave you completely satisfied and totally drenched in the yellow stuff.
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Andrea is a happy MILF that's ready for an outdoor adventure. She brings a boy toy along and together they have a blast. She pisses standing up but once the guy sees it, he hops right under her. You don't want that pee going to waste, now do you? Eventually she gets pissed on too and makes the man cum with her hot pussy.
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Veronika's idea of foreplay includes a lot of watersports. Instead of getting her pussy all wet with regular juices, she likes peeing and being pissed on. This pissing video features her and Tomas both getting a taste of their natural fluids. They don't flinch at all! It's obvious that these two love the taste of urine.
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Pissing Movie: Pee Drinking
Meet this lovely horny pee chick! She undresses and lets our camera shoot her tight young pussy while she pees in a huge glass. For being such a nice girl, this guy decides to give her a fine golden streamline. At the end, our babe pisses again in the man's mouth and drinks the pee-glass they both filled!
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This couple is kinky enough to move their sexual experience a little bit further. So, the guy decides to be generous and to offer a hot golden shower to his little girlfriend. Even if in the start she's curious and opens her mouth largely she ends spitting the pee because.. well, she didn't liked the taste.
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Well, we wanted to see a lovely girl getting her long, luscious hair washed in piss. And, this brunette shy babe was the perfect match. After making this guy horny as hell by sucking up his hard cock, she receives a golden shower she will always remember! Bonus: drinking pee from a glass seems to taste even more delicious!
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Here's a kinky outdoor scene featuring a shaggy guy and girl. The guy starts out by taking a leak right on his girl's hairy muff. Afterwards, she licks his cock and balls clean and then squats right over him. Before giving him a nice long ride, she pisses all over his dick for some added lubrication.
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Marketa Loves Pee Tasting
Meet Marketa. She's absolutely beautiful and 100% dirty. After she does a little strip tease, she takes Libor into the kiddie pool. There, he lies down and she pisses all over his face and in his mouth. She seems sweet but she's definitely the dominant type! Don't worry... she gets a taste of his salty urine as well!
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Well what can be said about this kind of pee movies? We all know this lesbian couple and they can never get enough pissing action with eachother! Each time they come together, their pissing games get nastier and riskier! Watch yourself!
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This young couple have a more sophisticated relationship than most. They aren't shy about sharing their deepest wants and desires with each other. Recently, they discovered that they both love piss and watersports. Veronika loves swallowing piss and being treated like a whore but her boyfriend also likes drinking it on occasion.